About Us

Katsan Gıda

KATSAN Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. was created by Abdullah Topcuol and his sons in 1988. Abdullah Topcuol started his profession in 1947 and he is the one of the oldest professional cake maker in our country. Our company proved itself about its profession beucause of deep knowledge, experience and a lot of innovations in short time.

In manufacturing, Bakery products, cakes and ice creams additives, emulgators, developers, prepared powder mixes, whipped creams, cremas, fruit filled, jellies for glazing, cake and ice cream sauces, syrups, chocolate, couverture and cocolin, drop chocolate, chocolate chips, praline, cocoa powder and other products are producing, marketing, exporting are done by KATSAN. In same sector, KATSAN is also co-operating with other big companies like being distributor. In catering and retail sectors, not only KATSAN’s products but also known as “Private Label” products are at high quality.

As a company, we prefer to call beyond the customer like a friend who sell, use and/or consume our products. Also we offer the best serving with full confidence to you.

With all respect
Ercan Topcuol
General Manager